Purging Guidelines

Note 1: Run barrel dry and leave the screw forward if resuming with the same material after shutdown.

Note 2: CAUTION! Do not combine acetal and PVC in the barrel for any reason!

Note 3: Tide laundry detergent can be used in a 50/50 blend with PP or PE for abrasion in barrel and on screw. Polypropylene can also be used with 1-2% water to create steam and foaming action to clean barrel and screw.

Note 4: Remove nozzle when purging with cast acrylic.

Purge and shutdown compounds are generally used to reduce changeover

time and start up yield loss for injection molding and extrusion lines.  These

products help speed the turnaround, reduce start-up scrap, increase

productivity and free up capacity when there is a color or material change on

your lines.

ABS HDPE, PS (see note #2)
ABS / PVC Alloys Cast Acrylic, PS, HDPE (see note #4)
Acetal Copolymer HDPE, PP, PS (see note #1)
Acrylic Clean Acrylic Regrind
ASA Blends HDPE, PP (see note #3)
Flame RetardantCompounds Immediate purging with natural non-FRresin mixed with 1% sodium stearate
Fluoropolymers Cast Acrylic followed by PE (see note #4)
LCP PP (see note #1)
Nylon PBT HDPE, PP (see notes #1 and #3)
PC / PBT Alloys HDPE, PS (see note #2)
PC / ABS Natural ABS, SAN, PS, Cast Acrylic (see note #4)
PEI HDPE, Glass reinforced PC
PET Cast Acrylic, ASA, HDPE (see note #4)
Polycarbonate Cast Acrylic, ASA, HDPE (see note #4)
Polylefins HDPE (see note #3)
Polystyrene Cast Acrylic (see note #4)
Polysulfone Reground Polycarbonate, extrusion grade PP
Polysulfone / ABS Reground Polycarbonate, extrusion grade PP
PPO / PPE Cast Acrylic, PS (see note #4)
PPS Acrylic, LDPE
PVC – Flexible HDPE (see note #2)
PVC – Rigid General Purpose, non-FR ABS, Acrylic, PS (see note #2)
Thermoplastic Polyester Alloys HDPE
TPE HDPE, PP (see note #)
TPU General Purpose, non-FR ABS